Project New Bar

The project was created by following contemporary standards, designed to fit all generations and various lifestyles, from family to urban city life. The apartments are skillfully designed, marked by exceptional functionality, abundance of natural light, choice of highest quality construction materials – perfect for yours and your family’s comfort.


The residential complex will be built in three phases. First phase includes about 30 units of following structure and dimensions:

one bedroom apartments 46 m2,

two bedroom apartments 62 m2 and

three bedroom apartments 107 m2.


Car parking is provided in a spacious and luxurious underground garage, with 24/7 video surveillance. The building also has elevator – with which you can access the underground garages. All entrances including backyard, will also be under 24/7 video surveillance.


Construction works began in October of 2019 and the completion is predicted for October 2020 (first phase).

Throughout the entire construction of the complex, we will be applying only the latest technology, with a special focus on energetic efficiency. We proudly point out that the building will have energy passport.