Quart New Bar fulfills the highest standards of constructing, which contributes to its everlasting quality and superb comfort.

With the choice of natural materials, with a special focus on big glass surfaces, that provide abundance of light, applying the latest technology of constructing and, respecting the highest standards of energetic efficiency – Novi Bar is, by all standards, an ideal living space for every modern family, as well as for every individual.

For all those who prefer to choose the look of their new home, good news is that they will be able to do so, with choosing final works and equipment, according to precisely defined standards.

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Standard equipment:

  • Facade:

    Ventilating facade. Space for ventilation regulates heat to walls transfer, and allows fast vaporization of water. Because of the ventilation, the insulation remains dry and optimally effective.

    During summer, the outer layer serves to protect interior space from exposure to sun. Heat weight is, in addition to insulation, decreased thanks to the air layer.

    In the winter, the advantage of the ventilating facades are heat and hydrometric characteristics, as well as protection from the atmospheric influence. Multi layered system allows release of vapor, while a continuous insulating layer decreases the loss of heat towards exterior, as well as the apparition of heat bridges.

  • External joinery:

    M 11000 i S 560 Alumil.

    Special thermo glass – A/C Guard Solar ( 4 seasons) – considered as one of the best in the world.

    ClimaGuard * Solar glass – A glass whose main purpose is a superb heat insulation, compared to traditional insulating glass, allows you to save more than 2/3 of expenses on heat during cold days. In an average household that could be up to a few hundreds of euros annually. That glass, not only takes care of your budget, but as well of your environment.  Coefficient of the heat permeability is 1,0 W/m2K.

    During hot summer days, the surface of the window is exposed to sun’s energy with more than 400 W/m2. Traditional insulating glass permeates about 80% of that energy inside, which often becomes unbearable. ClimaGuard Solar (4 seasons) glass significantly decreases the sun heat transfer because it permeates only 42% (solar factor 42% ) of the total sun heat, which further allows major saving during the usage of A/C. Research has shown that in the hottest summer days, ClimaGuard glass decreases temperature for, almost unbelievable, 13 degrees Celsius. They also reach sound insulation up to 39 dB.

    These technical characteristics allow, whether is there massive heat or cold, allow you to halve the energy use, much needed for sustaining comfort of your home, throughout all four seasons.

  • Hardwood floors:

    Three-layers parquet by manufacturer Tarkett, collection STEP-oak Baron Rustic BR, color – oak, 14mm width, 100-120 cm length, factory varnished wood with 30% shine.

  • Ceramics:

    Mirage, Atlas Concorde – Italy.

    Bathrooms and toilets : imported granite bathroom ceramics of high quality, from a defined palate of lines and color

    Kitchens : imported granite ceramics of high quality , from a defined palate of lines and color

    Hallway : covered in natural stone granite

  • Inner door :


  • Interior door :

    Security front door Mepro.

  • Air Condition :

    In all living rooms and some bedrooms, split-system air condition, by a renowned world manufacturer

  • Sanitary facilities (toilets) :


  • Connection ports :

    Optical and coaxial cord

    Port connection for cable TV , phone, video surveillance system and interphone