LesMills BodyPump

Trainer: Milena Milačić

BODY PUMP is a strength training programme for which a stepper, a bar and weights are used. It belongs to the group of Les Mills training programmes. The focus of the programme is on a large number of repetitions, by means of which we develop endurance in strength and shape all the muscle groups. The exercises are simple in terms of coordination and familiar to everyone, including squats, lunges, push-ups, thrusts, and so on.
The training is of a medium and of a higher intensity. Once we determine the right training load, BODY PUMP is suitable for all our members

LesMills Body Combat

Trainers: Milena Milačić

BODYCOMBAT™ is the most powerful group cardio training available! This tough and energetic programme originated as a combination of the moves undertaken from various martial arts, such as Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Tai Chi. Thanks to the effective music and fabulous instructors, you will have an unbelievable BODYCOMBAT™ experience, making this programme the most popular cardio training system in the world!

In only 55 minutes of the highly intensive, martial arts inspired training, you will burn 737 calories, and as a result, you will create toned and shaped muscles, increase your strength and boost your physical condition, as well as building higher self-confidence!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Trainer: Staša Martinović

HIIT is a training approach of a high intensity using intervals. Therefore, HIIT is an exercise which consists of combining basic functional exercises that are performed in intervals, in order to achieve extremely high intensity, with break that last for only a very short time; as such they do not allow complete recovery from the training effort, as is often found in some other types of training. This type of training is very popular, because by training for 30 minutes, three times a week, fats are efficiently burnt, your metabolism is speeded up and muscle mass increases. The results of HIIT training become visible very quickly: cardiorespiratory endurance and general physical condition are improved, muscle tone is boosted and, due to the high intensity of the training in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen), your body needs to compensate for it, meaning that even after the training, you continue to use oxygen and calories at an accelerated rate, thus, the effect of “training even after training” is achieved.


Trainer: Staša Martinović

Pilates is a delicate form of exercise, which simultaneously develops specific muscle strength, as well as the flexibility of muscles and joints, by means of which the optimum bodily balance is achieved. Pilates strengthens and tones the body,  promotes an elegant posture, releases stress, and contributes to better self-control and greater self-confidence. Pilates calls its method “Contrology”, which refers to the manner in which this method encourages people to use their mind in order to “control” their muscles. This programme is concentrated on the inner core muscles that are important for maintaining a balanced body and that are of exceptional importance in supporting  a healthy spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach us to be aware of our breathing and of levelling our spine, i.e. they strengthen the inner torso muscles, which is of great importance in mitigating and preventing back pain.

Fitness & Balance

Trainer: Staša Martinović

Fitness and Balance is a morning group programme, which is ideal for all levels of fitness, regardless of genderor age, who wish to shape and tone their body, make themselves stronger and improve their physical condition, as well as for all those who are just at the beginning of their training process.


Trainer: Igor Fatić

Spinning is group training on static bicycles, over a period of 45 – 60 minutes. It simulates riding on an outdoor bicycle and, hence, includes a range of gradients and speeds: flat (riding on a flat surface), climbing (riding on a steep surface), jumps (changing of sitting and standing positions) and sprints. Spinning represents a programme, which is intended for a stationary bicycle, aimed at using up as much of your energy as possible. During each training session, attention is devoted to a different riding approach, determined by the trainers. By means of using music and various techniques of visualization, you are able to create a strong connection between the mind and the body, which is made stronger with each training.  One Spinning class is composed of a warm-up, followed by 40 minutes of moderate, and then highly intensive cardiovascular training, and finally settling down, cooling and stretching.

Full Body Workout

Trainer: Verica Vujisić

Full Body Workout is a dynamic training approach, which is different every time. The equipment used includes weights, steppers, treadmills (running machines), balls, skipping ropes and various other items. It improves general coordination, motor skills, flexibility and endurance. The combination of exercises is devised in such a manner that it creates a synergy of the various approaches. Starting from warming the body up, through the exercises themselves and stretching – everything is adapted to the goal of achieving the results you want.

Step Aerobic

Trainer: Jelena Mirković

Step Aerobics represents a multitude of exercises that stimulate the activity of the heart and lungs, accompanied by music, which is the basis for the rhythmical performance of the exercises (the choreography). Aerobic training uses a stepper, where users step up and down, which is the core activity of this type of training. It develops functional skills and helps in maintaining a healthy weight and weight-loss.